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The aim of the newly created Fiction team is to address a number of philosophical and cognitive issues raised by our ubiquitous engagement with fiction.

One of these issues regards the cognitive resources required to produce and appreciate fiction and to think and talk about fiction. Another one regards whether we can gain real-world knowledge and/or motivation to act in the real world from engaging with fiction and virtual reality. One further issue regards the nature of our emotional responses to characters in novels, films and virtual worlds.

These issues cover topics at the intersection of aesthetics and epistemology, metaphysics and the philosophies of language and mind. Recently, some of these issues have been investigated by psychological studies. The Fiction team will develop a philosophical framework for thinking about these issues and promote collaborative research with experimentalists.



Principal Investigator
Jérôme Pelletier (team leader)

PhD students
Amel Achour-Benallegue
Eleni Palaiologou