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Research topics :

It is widely thought that awareness of oneself exhibits certain semantic and epistemic peculiarities (as compared with awareness of things other than oneself). Our research attempts to describe and explain these peculiarities, by investigating the nature and interconnections among phenomenal consciousness, self-awareness, and self-reference. Our approach is primarily philosophical but attempts to incorporate ongoing developments in cognitive science, neuroscience, and linguistics. Some of the phenomena we have focused on include: mental indexicality and self-reference; bodily self-awareness; emotions and self-consciousness; the alleged self-referential character of phenomenal consciousness; the relationship between consciousness and self-consciousness; attitudes de re and de se; the role of phenomenal consciousness in grounding other mental phenomena; imagination, fiction, and the first-person perspective; the role of metacognitive feelings in monitoring and controlling one’s own mind; the nature of the self; and the nature of perceptual consciousness.



Top: Géraldine Carranante, Enrico Grosso,
François Recanati, Elisabeth Pacherie.
Bottom: Uriah Kriegel, Tricia Magalotti, Daria Vitasovic, Anna Giustina, Andrew Lee, Nathalie Evin.



Permanent members
Uriah Kriegel (DR CNRS, consciousness and intentionality), Head

Jerome Dokic (DE EHESS, metacognition)
Pierre Jacob (DR CNRS, consciousness and action)
Elisabeth Pacherie (DR CNRS, agency an the self)
Jérôme Pelletier (MCF Université Bretagne Occidentale, emotions, fiction, and the self)
Francois Recanati (DR CNRS, mental indexicality)
Frederique de Vignemont (DR CNRS, bodily self-awareness)


Associate member
Alexandre Billon (MCF Université de Lille, pathologies of the self)

Takuya Niikawa (Chiba University, Japan)
Sean Power (Lecturer, Trinity College Dublin)
Eli Chudnoff (Associate Professor, University of Miami)
John Morrison (Assistant Professor, Columbia University)
Nick Stang (University of Toronto)
Daniel Wehinger (University of Innsbruck)

Phd students
Géraldine Carranante (Perception and categorization, dir. U. Kriegel)
Aïda Elamrani-Raoult (consciousness and machine-brain interface, Dir. Uriah Kriegel)
Julie Fontaine (intuitions, direction en co-tutelle J. Dokic et C. Tiercelin)
Anna Giustina (theories of epistemic justification, dir. U. Kriegel)
Tricia Magalotti (emotion and rationality, dir. Uriah Kriegel)
Jacques Mégier (consciousness and self-reference, dir. J. Dokic)
Victor Pitron (bodily hallucination)

Visiting students
Enrico Grosso (Turin)
Andrew Lee (NYU)
Daria Vitasovic (University of Milan)

Master students
Vincent Isnard (narrativity in music)


- Initial Training Network : "Diaphora", Sven Rozenkrantz. French team: "Self" (PI: Elisabeth Pacherie).
- A Leverhulme International Network 'What's So Special about First-Person Thought?', Stephan Torre. Aberdeen, ConceptLab-Oslo, Institute Jean Nicod, Logos-Barcelona, University of Oxford, University of St. Andrews & Tufts. French team : PI François Recanati.
- Columbia PSL Collaborative Network: Perception (November 2016-August 2017)
- "Intentionality, Consciousness, and Naturalization": A New Directions in the Study of the Mind project (January 2016-December 2017) 

Selected Publications

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