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Research topics

The philosophy of language team studies the foundational issues in language and discourse, using approaches that rely on models in theoretical and formal linguistics as well as on empirically gathered data .


Permanent members
Paul Egré (CR CNRS)
David Nicolas (CR CNRS)
François Recanati (DR CNRS)
Dan Sperber (DR émérite, CNRS)
Benjamin Spector (DR CNRS)
Isidora Stojanovic (DR CNRS)

Palle Leth
Michael Murez
Michele Palmira
Steven Verheyen
Julia Zakkou

PhD students
Bianca Cepollaro (dir : Stojanovic)
Maryam Ebrahimi Dinani (dir : Recanati)
Luca Gasparri (dir : Recanati)
Andreas Heise (dir : Recanati)
Benjamin Icard (dir : Egré)
Armando Lavalle (dir : Recanati)
Louis Rouillé (dir : Egré, Recanati)
Andrés Soria Ruiz (dir : Stojanovic)
Tristan Thommen (dir : Recanati, Spector)

Visiting students
Diego Feinmann (Sheffield)
Dan Hoek (NYU)

Master students
Romain Bourdoncle
Victor Carranza
Xiaochen Lui
Alice Martin
Elma Ricart


- "Trivalent Logics and Natural Language Meaning". PI : Benjamin Spector, co-PI : Paul Egré (2014-2018).


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<p>De Gauche à droite : Markus Kneer, Richard Carter, François Récanati, Paul Egré, David Nicolas, Dan Sperber. Sara Packalén, Dan Zeman, Jeremy Zehr, Isidora Stojanovic, Gregory Bochner.</p>