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The research group « Metaphysics and Ontology » will be devoted to the study of these main topics:
- metaphysics and metametaphysics
- quantifiers and variables, ontological commitment
- ontology of relations, states of affairs
- formal relations of dependence, connection, grounding
- metaphysics of time
- metaphysics of fiction
- possible worlds and fiction
- ontology of non existing being
- metaontology of realism and anti realism
- metaphysics and aesthetics, ontology of fiction
- ontology of social facts and institutions


Permanent members
Frédéric Nef (DE EHESS), responsable
Uriah Kriegel (DR CNRS)
Jérôme Pelletier (MCF Université de Bretagne Occidentale)
Claudine Tiercelin (PU CdF)

Associate members
Muriel Cahen



PhD students
Gilles Kévorkian (dir. F. Nef & F. Wolff)


Master students



Essence, Nature and Properties: From the constitution of finite things to the structure of God, University of Innsbruk / Fundation John Templeton, F. Nef & A. Pérez, 2016-2018.


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