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Imogen Dickie (University of Toronto - Professeure invitée à l'ENS, Dpt d'études cognitives).

Thought's anchor: reference as a cognitive achievement

Les 8, 10, 13 et 14 octobre et les 5 et 7 novembre 2014

Lecture 1 – "Introduction and proof of the aboutness and justification principle" [audio recording- mp3]

Lecture 2 – "The mind has a basic need to represent things outside itself" [audio recording - mp3]

Lecture 3 – "Perceptual demonstratives" [audio recording - mp3]

Lecture 4"Proper names" [audio recording - mp3]

Lecture 5"The delicate question of reference by description" [audio recording - mp3]

Lecture 6"Thought and consciousness" [audio recording - mp3]