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Videos - Conference : Culture, Communication & Cognition

Conference in honour of Dan Sperber on 12-15 Dec., 2012, with the participation of leading figures in the areas relevant to Sperber’s work: philosophy, anthropology, psychology, and linguistics.



Scott Atran (CNRS)
The science of the sacred and seemingly intractable conflicts

Pascal Boyer (Washington University)
Are concepts modules ? Maybe Dan Sperber was right after all. The case of ownership intuitions

Susan Carey (Harvard)
Conceptual change

Gergely Csibra (CEU, Budapest)
Human infants expect kind-referring signs in ostensive communication.

Daniel Dennett (Tufts)
How Darwinian is cultural evolution ?

György Gergely (CEU, Budapest)
The opacity of fire

Alvin Goldman (Rutgers, NJ)
Theory of Reasoning and Argumentation: Evolutionary vs. Epistemological Approaches

Gilbert Harman (Princeton)
Is Human Argument a Spandrel ?

Stephen Neale (CUNY)
The ontology of communication

Ruth Millikan (U. of Connecticut)
How to out-relevance Relevance Theory

Deirdre Wilson (UCL)
Irony, hyperbole, jokes and banter

   Conclusion Dan Sperber