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LECTURES ǀ Second part of the PERITIA public lecture series


PERITIA is an EU-funded project investigating public trust in expertise, in which the Jean-Nicod Institute is a partner, through the work of the "Epistemic Norms" group, led byGloria Origgi.

The PERITIA Lectures [Un]Truths : Trust in an Age of Disinformation explore the concept of trust and truth in light of current events. Truth and trust are becoming contentious topics for science and democracy. Conspiracy theories disrupt political elections, disinformation campaigns target scientific consensus around climate change and vaccines, and anti-elite populism overshadows public debates. In the midst of a pandemic, citizens find themselves asking quintessential philosophical questions : what truth is, whom we can trust, or how we should trust.

After a successful first part in the spring, the second part of the PERITIA lectures is about to begin : listen to new leading researchers present their latest research on trust in science in the second part of the PERITIA public lecture series, hosted by UCD Centre for Ethics in Public Life and The American University of Armenia.


  • 21 September at 4pm - What Is Knowledge Resistance ? - Åsa Wikforss (Stockholm University)
  • 5 October at 4 pm - A War on Science ? The Death of Expertise ? Rethinking Vaccine Hesitancy - Maya J. Goldenberg (University of Guelph)
  • 19 October at 4 pm - Technology And Democracy. Cognitive Pressure Points And Solutions - Stephan Lewandowsky (University of Bristol)
  • 2 November at 4 pm - Why is Climate Action so hard ? - Philip Kitcher (Columbia University)
  • 16 November at 4 pm - Sheila Jasanoff (Harvard Kennedy School)