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The Institut Jean Nicod is a multidisciplinary CNRS research unit created in 2002, with two university-level affiliations: the Ecole normale supérieure (ENS) and the Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS). It is a cognitive science laboratory with around one hundred members, of whom half are doctoral students, the other half including about fifteen researchers attached to the CNRS, along with teacher-researchers and post-doctoral associates.

While its core discipline is analytical philosophy, the Institute also hosts state-of-the-art research in linguistics and the social sciences, with, as unifying theme, the human mind and the nature of its representations (linguistic, mental, and social). At the ENS, the Institut Jean Nicod is attached to both the Department of Philosophy and the Department of cognitive studies (DEC).

The IJN, whose director is Roberto Casati, is located at 29 rue d’Ulm, in the Department of Cognitive Studies of the Ecole normale supérieure.




[Mai 2013]

The Institut Jean Nicod has been awarded the grade A+, for each of its six categories, by the French Agency for the evaluation of research and teaching in higher education:

- Scientific quality and output
- Academic influence
- Relation to the social, economic, and cultural environment
- Unit’s Internal organization and life
- Involvement in research training
- Five year strategy and projects


[November 2012] Report by the French Agency for the evaluation of research and teaching in higher education (french version):

"L’Institut Jean Nicod (IJN) est certainement un des fleurons de la recherche française et internationale en linguistique, en philosophie du langage, en philosophie de l’esprit et de la cognition - cognition sociale comprise - ou encore en ce qui concerne les aspects logiques et ontologiques liés à la cognition …" Rapport de l’AERES (PDF)