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Call for Applications : "Research in Paris" 2015.


Since 2003, the City of Paris has offered a selective programme to draw researchers from abroad to public-sector research laboratories located within inner Paris for a fixed period of time.£
This programme aims to forge new ties and strengthen existing ones with research centres in major international cities and Paris.
In 2015, the City of Paris pursues this goal of inviting foreign researchers to better meet the needs of the capital’s research teams by hosting high calibre post-doctoral researchers from third-level education and research institutes from around the world.
The rules and regulations of this program were amended substantially this year.

· The application process is initiated by Parisian laboratories : it is no longer possible for foreign post-doctoral candidates to apply spontaneously.

· Only foreign post-doctoral researchers applications are deemed eligible, those submitted on behalf of ‘senior’ researchers are no longer being considered.

· Host laboratories can only put forward one application each. If more than one application is submitted, the jury will only examine the first one uploaded to the online platform.

· Foreign post-doctoral researchers will be on the payroll of the supervisory agencies their host laboratories are affiliated to. The City of Paris will pay the net remuneration of the post-doctoral researcher, while the supervisory agencies their host laboratories are affiliated to will look after the employee and employer contributions as well as any associated costs.

· The arrangements for paying the municipal grant will be set out in an agreement between the supervisory agency and the City of Paris.

For more information on how to put together their application file, postdoctoral foreign researchers should contact the laboratory in Paris, which will submit the ad hoc file once they have selected the candidate with whom they want to collaborate. Potential applicants wishing to be sponsored by Institut Jean Nicod should email a draft of their application to the administrator ( by March 12, 2015.

More Information : Marie de Paris