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New publications

Morisseau T., Branch TY. and Origgi G., 2021 Stakes of Knowing the Truth : A Motivational Perspective on the Popularity of a Controversial Scientific Theory. Front. Psychol. 12:708751.

Gloria Origgi 2021, Chapitre "L’épreuve de l’humiliation", dans le volume de Pierre Rosanvallon "Les épreuves de la vie", Seuil.

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de Vignemont, F. 2021, Fifty Shades of Affective Colouring of Perception, Australasian Journal of Philosophy

Arcangeli, M. 2021, Narratives and Thought Experiments : Restoring the Role of Imagination, in C. Badura & A. Kind (eds.), Epistemic Uses of Imagination, 183-201, Routledge


JEAN-NICOD PRIZE ǀ Leda Cosmides and John Tooby will be in Paris this September to receive the Prix Jean Nicod 2020, postponed to this year. The four lectures given on this occasion will take place at the ENS and online on the DEC YouTube channel. Detailed information and registration.

JEAN-NICOD PRIZE ǀ Find on DEC news an interview with Pierre Jacob on the creation of the Jean Nicod Lectures of Cognitive Philosophy, 28 years ago, to promote the interactions between analytical philosophy and cognitive sciences in France.

A NIGHT OF PHILOSOPHY ǀ Isidora Stojanovic, Paul Egré, Gloria Origgi and Frédéric Nef will be at UNESCO on the night of 17 September for the tenth anniversary of the Philosophy Nights events.

LECTURES ǀ PERITIA public lectures explore the concept of trust and truth in the light of current events. After a successful first series in the spring, the second is about to begin : discover the latest research on trust in science from leading researchers.

YOUNG PHD GRADUATE ǀ Congratulations to Sacha Altay for the defense of his thesis !

CONFERENCES ǀ The researchers of the Jean-Nicod Institute are giving conferences this September. Discover the programme of upcoming conferences in France and elsewhere.

FUNDING ǀ Valérian Chambon received an ANR PRC for the project MYELEX : Implications of myelin in executive control in adolescence and adulthood, with Maria-Cecilia Angulo (PI) and Arnaud Cachia (co-PI).

CONFERENCE ǀ Gloria Origgi and Teresa Branch-Smith will participate in the CEST-CNR conference "How to be a researcher in the XXI century : challenges and new paradigms in a changing society".


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