Institut Jean Nicod

New publications

Roberto Casati, 2022 ed., The Sailing Mind, vol. 19, Studies in Brain and Mind Cham : Springer International Publishing 

Céline Boisserie-Lacroix, 2022, Une Perspective Extrinsèque Sur Les Normes Émotionnelles. Revue de métaphysique et de morale N° 114, no. 2

Branch T. Y., Origgi G., and Morisseau T., 2022, Why Trust Raoult ? How Social Indicators Inform the Reputations of Experts. Social Epistemology

Diego Feinmann, 2022, Domain Restriction : The Problem of the Variable Location Revisited, Linguistics and Philosophy

De Araujo E., Altay S., Bor A., Mercier H., 2022, Dominant Jerks : People Infer Dominance from the Utterance of Challenging and Offensive Statements, Social Psychological Bulletin 16, no. 4

Boon-Falleur M. et al., 2022 Leveraging Social Cognition to Promote Effective Climate Change Mitigation, Nature Climate Change

Baumard N. et al., 2022, The Cultural Evolution of Love in Literary History, Nature Human Behaviour

Xiao H., Strickland B., and Peperkamp S., 2022, How Fair Is Gender-Fair Language ? Insights from Gender Ratio Estimations in French, Journal of Language and Social Psychology


MEDIA ǀ The environmental impact of academic research is a reality. Eva Wanek and Maude Gallimard (LAET) talk about the carbon footprint of research in the InSHS newsletter

MEDIA ǀ Has Google developed a conscious AI ? Read Aïda Elamrani’s article on Blake Lemoine, the Google engineer convinced that the LaMDA robot has a soul, in The Conversation

VALORISATION ǀ BUNKA, the software architecture project focusing on a new generation search engine based on recent research in cognitive science and computational sciences, led by Charles de Dampierre, Nicolas Baumard and Andrei Mogoutov, is laureate of the CNRS pre-maturation program and of the "AI and Human and Social Sciences" program of the PRAIRIE Institute

YOUNG PHD GRADUATE ǀ Congratulations to Victor Carranza on the defence of his thesis !

MEDIA ǀ What makes people who oppose abortion change their minds, or at least soften their opinions ? Hugo Mercierfor The Cut of the NY Mag

MEDIA ǀ Have you ever thought about letters, their structures, shapes and how they came to be ? In the latest Many Minds podcast, Olivier Morintalks about his research and the Glyph game, where the player can help describe, break down and classify the characters of various writing systems

MEDIA ǀ Internet, l’autoroute de la désinformation ? Interview of Hugo Mercier for CNRS le Journal and Carnets de Sciences

INTERVIEW ǀ Visiting Paris, the UCL Emeritus Professors and 2014 Jean Nicod Prize winners Uta and Chris Frith took the time for a tea break at the DEC to discuss with us their new graphic novel "Two Heads, Where Two Neuroscientists Explore How Our Brains Work with Other Brains"

VISITOR ǀ Pr Katarzyna Kijania-Placek (Jagiellonian University) is invited to the Institute until June 29 !

ENS VISITOR ǀ Pr Eduardo Barrio (CONICET, Buenos Aires) is invited to the Institute until July 13 !