Institut Jean Nicod


Jean Nicod Prize : Leda Cosmides and John Tooby receive the 2020 Jean Nicod Prize. Congratulations to them.

- Find Jeremy Kuhn’s video "Observation in Linguistics" on the ENS-PSL Youtube channel created for la Fête de la Science.

- This year’s Nicod Philosophy colloquium starts. You can find the calendar here.

- Congratulations to Margherita Arcangeli, who was elected by the Electoral Assembly of the EHESS, on a post open to the master of conferences. 

- Publication notice : Chambon, V., Théro, H., Vidal, M. et al. Information about action outcomes differentially affects learning from self-determined versus imposed choices. Nat Hum Behav, 2020. You can find the CNRS Press release here.

- Publication notice : Bourgeois-Gironde, Sacha.Être la rivière, PUF, 2020.

- Research and scientific mediation actions of IJN related to the Covid-19 crisis


From 25 to 26 March
Friday 9 April at 11:00
Friday 7 May at 11:00