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New publications

Frédérique de Vignemont, 2023, Désenchanter Le Corps, Aux Origines de La Conscience de Soi, Odile Jacob

Dawei Bai and Brent Strickland, 2023, The Pulfrich Solidity Illusion : A Surprising Demonstration of the Visual System’s Tolerance of Solidity Violations, Psychonomic Bulletin & Review

Eva Wanek et al., 2023, Deliberately Vague or Vaguely Deliberative : A Review of Motivation and Design Choices in Deliberative Monetary Valuation Studies, Ecological Economics

Amelia Godber, Gloria Origgi, 2023, Telling Propaganda from Legitimate Political Persuasion, Episteme, 1-20

Perroy, B., Gurchani, U., & Casati, R. 2023. EXPRESS : Disorientation and time distortions during the metro commute : an analysis of 456 responses to a questionnaire distributed in real-time on Twitter during traffic disruptions in the Paris area. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.

Francesco Pierini, 2023, Deepfakes and Depiction : From Evidence to Communication,” Synthese 201, no. 3

Léo Migotti and Janek Guerrini, 2023 Linguistic Inferences from Pro-Speech Music : Musical Gestures Generate Scalar Implicatures, Presuppositions, Supplements, and Homogeneity Inferences, Linguistics and Philosophy

Basile Garcia et al., 2023, Experiential Values Are Underweighted in Decisions Involving Symbolic Options, Nature Human Behaviour

Margherita Arcangeli, 2023 Aphantasia Demystified, Synthese

V. Lenglin et al., 2023 Zero the Hero : Evidence for Involvement of the Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex in Affective Bias for Free Items, Cortex

Louise Goupil & Joëlle Proust, 2023, Curiosity as a metacognitive feeling. Cognition

Bonard, C. and Deonna, D. 2022. Emotion and language in philosophy. In Gesine Lenore Schiewer, Jeanette Altarriba & Bee Chin Ng (eds.), Emotion and Language. An International Handbook, Berlin, Boston : De Gruyter Mouton




EVENEMENT ǀ On Saturday 03 June Roberto Casati will be taking part in the Festival Culture Océan organisde by the Fondation Tara Océan at the l’Académie du Climat, with a talk on L’eau, ligne de vie entre humains, terre et Océan, with Nicolas Floc’h (visual artist and photographer)

MEDIA ǀ Le corps est-il dans l’esprit ou l’esprit est-il dans le corps ? Listen to Frédérique de Vignemont in Autour de la Question on RFI, for the publication of her book "Désenchanter le corps" (Odile Jacob)

MEDIA ǀ Don’t miss Aïda Elamrani’s talk on France Culture today at 4pm 16h for the Science CQFD program on artificial consciousness. Podcast available soon.

VISITOR EHESS ǀ This June, the Institut Jean Nicod is honoured to welcome Sandra Shapshay, Professor of Philosophy at the City University of New York

VISITOR EHESS ǀ This June, the Institut Jean Nicod is honoured to welcome Seline Trevisanut, Professor of International Law and Sustainability at Utrecht University

MEDIA ǀ For the public law blog Chemins Public, Sacha Bourgeois-Gironde explains how the movement in favour of the rights of nature takes diverse and non-equivalent forms from one case to another and from one cultural context to another.

MEDIA ǀ "Désenchanter le corps", the new essay by Frédérique de Vignemont published by Odile Jacob shows how personal development, based on attention to the body, hinders openness to others. Interview on Le Monde des livres.