Institut Jean Nicod

New publications

Céline Boisserie-Lacroix, 2022, Une Perspective Extrinsèque Sur Les Normes Émotionnelles. Revue de métaphysique et de morale N° 114, no. 2

Branch T. Y., Origgi G., and Morisseau T., 2022, Why Trust Raoult ? How Social Indicators Inform the Reputations of Experts. Social Epistemology

Diego Feinmann, 2022, Domain Restriction : The Problem of the Variable Location Revisited, Linguistics and Philosophy

De Araujo E., Altay S., Bor A., Mercier H., 2022, Dominant Jerks : People Infer Dominance from the Utterance of Challenging and Offensive Statements, Social Psychological Bulletin 16, no. 4

Boon-Falleur M. et al., 2022 Leveraging Social Cognition to Promote Effective Climate Change Mitigation, Nature Climate Change

Baumard N. et al., 2022, The Cultural Evolution of Love in Literary History, Nature Human Behaviour

Xiao H., Strickland B., and Peperkamp S., 2022, How Fair Is Gender-Fair Language ? Insights from Gender Ratio Estimations in French, Journal of Language and Social Psychology

Dubourg E. and Baumard N., 2022 Why and How Did Narrative Fictions Evolve ? Fictions as Entertainment Technologies, Frontiers in Psychology


EVENT ǀ The Sign Language group is collaborating in the organisation of "Fais-moi signe", une Journée de sensibilisation à la culture sourde, open to all this Saturday 21 May at the ENS, with the intervention of Carlo Geraci and Jeremy Kuhn on Language and visual modality

JEAN NICOD PRIZE ǀ Registration to attend the 2022 Jean Nicod Lectures is now open ! Prof. Peter Godfrey-Smith (The University of Sydney), one of the world’s leading experts in the philosophy of biology and philosophy of mind, will be in Paris in June to receive the Jean Nicod Prize 2022. Find the programme of the 4 lectures on "The Evolution of Experience" given on this occasion

MEDIA ǀ Follow your instinct or your reason ? Three questions to Hugo Mercier in the latest dossier of Sciences Humaines magazine "How do we decide ?"

VALORISATION | The INTACT project, led by Alda Mari and Farah Benamara, is presented at Innovatives SHS on 18 and 19 May 2022

MEDIA | "Ecology : our brains under the microscope of climate experts" In Les Echos, Mathilde Mus explains how the "mental segmentation" bias would make it much easier for us to accept a carbon tax whose revenues would be largely allocated to the environment

ALUMNI | Congratulations to Mirko Santoro for his CNRS 2022 bronze medal  ! Mirko defended his thesis on compound words in sign languages in 2018 at the Jean Nicod Institute, under the supervision of Carlo Geraci