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New publications

Amelia Godber, Gloria Origgi, 2023, Telling Propaganda from Legitimate Political Persuasion, Episteme, 1-20

Perroy, B., Gurchani, U., & Casati, R. 2023. EXPRESS : Disorientation and time distortions during the metro commute : an analysis of 456 responses to a questionnaire distributed in real-time on Twitter during traffic disruptions in the Paris area. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.

Francesco Pierini, 2023, Deepfakes and Depiction : From Evidence to Communication,” Synthese 201, no. 3

Léo Migotti and Janek Guerrini, 2023 Linguistic Inferences from Pro-Speech Music : Musical Gestures Generate Scalar Implicatures, Presuppositions, Supplements, and Homogeneity Inferences, Linguistics and Philosophy

Basile Garcia et al., 2023, Experiential Values Are Underweighted in Decisions Involving Symbolic Options, Nature Human Behaviour

Margherita Arcangeli, 2023 Aphantasia Demystified, Synthese

V. Lenglin et al., 2023 Zero the Hero : Evidence for Involvement of the Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex in Affective Bias for Free Items, Cortex

Louise Goupil & Joëlle Proust, 2023, Curiosity as a metacognitive feeling. Cognition

Bonard, C. and Deonna, D. 2022. Emotion and language in philosophy. In Gesine Lenore Schiewer, Jeanette Altarriba & Bee Chin Ng (eds.), Emotion and Language. An International Handbook, Berlin, Boston : De Gruyter Mouton

Philippe Schlenker 2022, What It All Means Cambridge, Massachusetts : The MIT Press,

Fernandez Velasco P., Gurchani U, Perroy B., Pelletreau-Duris T., Casati R., 2022, Development and Validation of a Quantitative Instrument for Measuring Temporal and Social Disorientation in the Covid-19 Crisis, ed. Prabhat Mittal, PLOS ONE 17, no. 11

Arlegi R., Bourgeois-Gironde S., and Hualde M., 2022, Attitudes toward Choice with Incomplete Preferences : An Experimental Study, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 204

Arcangeli, M. 2022, Imagining in remembering from the outside, in A. Berninger & I. Vendrell Ferran (eds.), Philosophical Perspectives on Memory and Imagination, 146-164, Routledge

Olivier Morin 2022, The Puzzle of Ideography, Behavioral and Brain Sciences



ÉCHAPPÉES INATTENDUES ǀ Roberto Casati plunges us into "L’océan et l’esprit humain" for the CNRS’s Echappées inattendues in Meudon : "Plongée dans l’océan du futur", the 28th of March.

SEMAINE DU CERVEAU | Edgar Dubourg (Comment expliquer notre fascination pour les mondes imaginaires ?) and Aïda Elamrani (Après l’intelligence artificielle, la conscience artificielle ?) will take part in the ENS lecture series on « Pensée et émotions : du réel à l’imaginaire » on March 14 and 16.

SEMAINE DU CERVEAU | Sabrina Buferne welcomes Hugo Mercier (L’art de la rhétorique - Sommes nous crédules ?) at Les Traversées bookstore for the event Cerveaux en boutique, on Friday March 17.


PUBLICATION | Roberto Casati and Patrick Cavanagh explain "The Art of the Shadow : How Painters Have Gotten It Wrong for Centuries", in an MIT Press Reader article adapted from their book "The Visual World of Shadows".

SEMINARS | Discover the applied cognitive science webinar program for this spring !


RESEARCH | Interview with Carlo Geraci and Jeremy Kuhn of the linguistics team "Sign Language", which studies the human cognitive capacities underlying the production and understanding of this language.


TRIBUNE | Roberto Casati and his team members Gustav Ginberg, Umer Gurchani, Evan Josselin, Jade Nijman, Bastien Perroy and Francesco Pierini, as well as Pablo Fernandez-Velasco (Trinity College, Dublin), explain, in an article published in Le Monde, how the use of artificial intelligence that automatically generates fragments of language will affect our ways of writing and reading.