Institut Jean Nicod

New publications

Achour-Benallegue A., Amarantini, D., Paubel, P.-V., Pelletier, J., & Kaminski, G., 2021, Facial Reactions to Face Representations in Art : An Electromyography Study. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts

Giannakidou A. and Mari A., 2021, Truth and Veridicality in Grammar and Thought : Mood, Modality, and Propositional Attitudes, University of Chicago Press

Baptista A., Cohen D., Jacquet P.O. and Chambon V., 2021, The Cognitive, Ecological, and Developmental Origins of Self-Disturbance in Borderline Personality Disorder, Frontiers in Psychiatry 

Morisseau T., Branch TY. and Origgi G., 2021 Stakes of Knowing the Truth : A Motivational Perspective on the Popularity of a Controversial Scientific Theory. Front. Psychol. 12:708751.

Gloria Origgi 2021, Chapitre "L’épreuve de l’humiliation", dans le volume de Pierre Rosanvallon "Les épreuves de la vie", Seuil.

Wharton, T., Bonard, C., Dukes, D., Sander, D., and Oswald, S. 2021. Relevance and emotion, The Journal of Pragmatics, 181, 259-269.


JEAN NICOD PRIZE ǀ Rutgers University philosopher Frances Egan will be in Paris this November to receive the Jean Nicod Prize 2021. The series of four lectures "Deflating Mental Representation" given on the occasion will take place in person at the ENS. Free and compulsory registration.

VISITOR AT THE INSTITUTE ǀ The Institut Jean Nicod is honoured to welcome Dustin STOKES, Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Utah, as Guest Director of Studies at EHESS, for a series of 4 lectures he will give on this occasion. Find also Dustin STOKES’s interview conducted by Jérôme Dokic in the DEC news.

MEDIA ǀ On the eve of the 2022 presidential elections, who should you vote for when you are conflicted ? The article by Sacha Bourgeois Gironde and João V. Ferreira on conflicted voters highlighted in the CNRS le Journal blog Dialogues Economiques

PARUTION ǀ Edited by Anne Abeillé and Danièle Godard, the Grande Grammaire du français (GGF) was published on 6 October by Actes Sud. This monumental work of description of contemporary French involves some fifty linguists, including researchers Alda Mari and Benjamin Spector of the Institut Jean Nicod.

YOUNG PHD GRADUATE ǀ Congratulations to Emile Enguehard for the defense of his thesis !

INTERVIEW ǀ Interview with Charlotte Hauser, winner of the i-PhD Grand Prize 2021 with her project Lang’Action, initiated during her research in the LINGUAE team