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New publications

Philippe Schlenker, What It All Means Cambridge, Massachusetts : The MIT Press, 2022

Fernandez Velasco P., Gurchani U, Perroy B., Pelletreau-Duris T., Casati R., 2022, Development and Validation of a Quantitative Instrument for Measuring Temporal and Social Disorientation in the Covid-19 Crisis, ed. Prabhat Mittal, PLOS ONE 17, no. 11

Arlegi R., Bourgeois-Gironde S., and Hualde M., 2022, Attitudes toward Choice with Incomplete Preferences : An Experimental Study, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 204

Arcangeli, M. 2022, Imagining in remembering from the outside, in A. Berninger & I. Vendrell Ferran (eds.), Philosophical Perspectives on Memory and Imagination, 146-164, Routledge

Olivier Morin 2022, The Puzzle of Ideography, Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Arcangeli, M. 2022, The Creative Side of Recreative Imagination, in P. Engisch & J. Langkau (eds), The Philosophy of Fiction : Imagination and Cognition, 77-96, Routledge

Olivier Morin, 2022 Cultural Conservatism, Journal of Cognition and Culture 22, no. 5

Roberto Casati 2022, Philosophie de l’océan, PUF., Sciences dans la cité

Gloria Origgi 2022, Caccia alla verità. Persuasione e propaganda ai tempi del virus e della guerra, EGEA

Lou Safra et al., 2022, Author Correction : Tracking Historical Changes in Perceived Trustworthiness in Western Europe Using Machine Learning Analyses of Facial Cues in Paintings, Nature Communications

T. Y. Branch and Gloria Origgi, 2022, Social Indicators of Trust in the Age of Informational Chaos, Social Epistemology


INTERVIEW ǀ Hugo Mercier and Coralie Chevallier detail "KIDIVAX" project, which seeks to improve adolescents’ understanding of vaccination and scientific knowledge", in PSL Université news

MEDIA | Rumour and fake news : how to fight against the hype ? Watch last Saturday’s Public Sénat programme "Un monde en doc" with Hugo Mercier

INTERVIEW ǀ "Behavioural sciences applied to poverty and inequality issues : Meeting with Prof. Daniel Nettle". On the occasion of his official arrival in the Evolution and Social Cognition team, let’s meet Prof. Daniel Nettle !

MEDIA | « Our societies are not prepared for crises ; at sea, you must always be ready » interview with Roberto Casati in Le Point 

PUBLICATION | What It All Means, Semantics for (Almost) Everything"by Philippe Schlenker, on how meaning works - from the cry of apes to human language, from spoken language to sign language, from gestures to music - and how it relates to truth

MEDIA | What can the ocean teach us ? Listen to the interview with Roberto Casati on RFI’s programme Autour de la question, on the occasion of the publication of his book "Philosophie de l’océan", to rethink the world and our common future from the perspective of this immense space, this absolute elsewhere.

MEDIA ǀ Mélusine Boon-Falleur and Coralie Chevallier talk about Reciprocity, visibility and equity : the three key levers to fight the climate crisis, in The Conversation

ENTRETIEN ǀ Why do many societies condemn seemingly harmless pleasures like lust, gluttony, or even music and dance ? Interview with Léo Fitouchi on the cognitive origins of "puritanical morality"

MEDIA ǀ "Plus le gouvernement est corrompu, plus on compte de complotistes" Interview with Hugo Mercier for the newspaper Le Point

MEDIA | In the article Cognitive Science of Philosophy Symposium : Philosophy of Touch in the Laboratory by The Brains Blog, Frédérique de Vignemont asks whether we can feel emptiness in a tactile way and what that might mean

VALORISATION ǀ Read Alda Mari’s interview in Les Echos, about the INTACT project, which combines linguistics and AI to detect, on social networks, signals that herald emergency situations