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New publications

Gloria Origgi, La Vérité est une question politique, Albin Michel, 2024

Oscar Julian Esteban-Cantillo, Beatriz Menendez, and Benjamin Quesada, 2024, Climate Change and Air Pollution Impacts on Cultural Heritage Building Materials in Europe and Mexico, Science of The Total Environment

Jacques Mégier 2024, la conscience comme auto-représentation, Éditions L’Harmattan

Natasha Abner et al., 2024, Computational phylogenetics reveal histories of sign languages. Science

Olivier Morin and Oleg Sobchuk, 2023, “Why Monsters Are Dangerous,” Poetics Today 44, no. 4

Youngblood, M., Stubbersfield, J.M., Morin, O. et al. 2023, Negativity bias in the spread of voter fraud conspiracy theory tweets during the 2020 US election.
Humanit Soc Sci Commun

Constant Bonard 2023, Underdeterminacy without Ostension : A Blind Spot in the Prevailing Models of Communication, Mind & Language

Wanek E., Bourgeois-Gironde S., and Mari A., 2023, Desire, Moral Evaluation or Sense of Duty : The Modal Framing of Stated Preference Elicitation, Environmental Values

Bourgeois-Gironde, S., Ferreira, J.V., 2023, The expressive power of voting rules. Soc Choice Welf

Salis A. et al., 2023, Both Learning and Syntax Recognition Are Used by Great Tits When Answering to Mobbing Calls, ed. Diego Gil, Behavioral Ecology 

Frédérique De Vignemont 2023, Affective Bodily Awareness, 1st ed. Cambridge University Press



HISTOIRES DE THESE ǀ Can artificial intelligence be explained ? Thomas Souverain looks at this question from the perspective of financial services and job search.

MEDIA ǀ Bodies scrutinized, sacralized, scorned, politicized, painful or augmented : For the journal Le Vif grand entretien, Frédérique de Vignemont calls on cognitive science to question the myths surrounding our bodies.

PHD POSITIONS ǀ The Institute is recruiting two PhD students, fully funded by the EU Horizon Europe MEDiverSEAty grant on topics related to the representation of the sea and marine life in the Mediterranean context.

REVOIR ǀ Watch Aïda Elamrani talk at the European Bioethics Forum 2024 on "AI and creativity : When machines become artists".

SEMINAR ǀ Discover the the program of courses and seminars linked to François Recanati’s Philosophy of Language and Mind Chair.

PUBLICATION ǀ A new article in Science has shed light on the historical links between sign languages around the world. A collaboration between linguists from the Institut : Carlo Geraci, Justine Mertz and Shi Yu, and the University of Michigan and the Université Paris Dauphine-PSL.

HDR ǀ Congratulations to Jeremy Kuhn for defending his HDR !

SEMINAR ǀ Discover "Des droits de la nature dans le Sud Global", the new seminar organized by Solène Rey-Coquais (ENS Geography Department) and Sacha Bourgeois Gironde