Institut Jean Nicod

New publications

Bonard C., 2022 Beyond Ostension : Introducing the Expressive Principle of Relevance, Journal of Pragmatics 187

Lin, H. & Kuhn, J. & Sheng, . & Schlenker, P., 2021 Timelines and Temporal Pointing in Chinese Sign Language, Glossa : a journal of general linguistics 6

Graves J., Egré P., Pressnitzer D., de Gardelle V., 2021. An implicit representation of stimulus ambiguity in pupil size, PNAS

Ecoffet P., Bredeche N. and André J-B., 2021 Nothing Better to Do ? Environment Quality and the Evolution of Cooperation by Partner Choice, Journal of Theoretical Biology

Marta Abrusán 2021, Computing Perspective Shift in Narrative, in The Language of Fiction, ed. Emar Maier and Andreas Stokke, ,New York : Oxford University Press


WEBINAR ǀ "In Search of Epistemic Justice - A tentative cartography" co-organised by Micol Bez with some colleagues from Stanford University and Université Paris 8 Vincennes - Saint Denis

FUNDING ǀ The KIDIVAX project led by Hugo Mercier, among the winners of the first call for SAPS projects of the ANR "Médiation et communication scientifiques"

INNOVATION ǀ Alda Mari and Farah Benamara’s INTACT project wins CNRS 2021 pre-maturation programme 

COURSES ǀ New DEC seminar in Social Sciences by Nicolas Baumard and Mélusine Boon-Falleur " Adaptative Plasticity dans societal change in the 21st century "

YOUNG PHD STUDENTS ǀ Congratulations to Axel BaptistaHualin Xiao and Gautier Anselin for the defence of their thesis !

STUDY DAY ǀ The study day in tribute to Martin Fortier has been postponed to spring 2022. The date will soon be indicated on the page dedicated to the event.

INTERVIEW ǀ The Institute welcomes a new research team headed by Sacha Bourgeois-Gironde ! "Environment : concepts and norms". Find out more about its multidisciplinary work in an interview published in the DEC news.