Institut Jean Nicod

New publications

- Arcangeli, M. 2021, Narratives and Thought Experiments : Restoring the Role of Imagination, in C. Badura & A. Kind (eds.), Epistemic Uses of Imagination, 183-201, Routledge

- Mylopoulos, M., Pacherie. 2021, E. Editorial : "Skilled Action Control". Rev.Phil.Psych.

- M. Arcangeli, J. Dokic. 2021 At the Limits : What Drives Experiences of the Sublime, The British Journal of Aesthetics, Volume 61, Issue 2, Pages 145–161.

- Geoffroy F. and J.B. André. 2021 The emergence of cooperation by evolutionary generalization. Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

- Boon-Falleur M, N. Baumard and J.B. André. 2021. Risk-seeking or impatient ? Disentangling variance and time in hazardous behaviors. Evolution and Human Behavior 

- Mell H., N. Baumard and J.B. André. 2021. Time is money. Waiting costs explain why selection favors steeper time discounting in deprived environments. Evolution and Human Behavior

- Helena Miton and Olivier Morin, 2021, “Graphic Complexity in Writing Systems,” Cognition.


- YOUNG PHD GRADUATE ǀ Congratulations to Marco Inchingolo for the defense of his thesis !

- WATCH AND LISTEN AGAIN ǀ Gloria Origgi on why reputation matters for Philosophy Talk on Franciscan educational FM station KALW. Hugo Mercier on the mytht of subliminal influence for the BBC radio 4’s Sideways show, and on the future of reasoning for the US youtube channel Vsauce.

- AWARD ǀ Maryam Ebrahimi Dinani, PhD student in philosophy at the Jean-Nicod Institute, is the winner of the bourse Anna Caroppo – Fondation du Collège de France 2021. Find her interview in the DEC news.

- JEAN-NICOD LECTURES AND PRIZE ǀ The Institut Jean-Nicod is pleased to invite you to the two series of Jean-Nicod Lectures and Prizes 2020-2021, which will take place in September and November this year, in hybrid mode at the École Nationale Supérieure and online. The 2020 session has been postponed due to the disrupted year.

- AWARDS ǀ The symposium "The deep history of information technology : A cognitive perspective", organised at CogSci 2021, in which Valeria Giardino and Olivier Morin are participating, got awarded one of the inaugural Disciplinary Diversity & Integration in Cognitive Science Award from the Cognitive Science Society.

- INTERVIEW ǀ Mary Midgley’s biscuit tin made a stop in Paris at the Institut Jean-Nicod. In the DEC news, find an interview with Margherita Arcangeli and Jérôme Dokic, highlighting this exceptional british philosopher through an encounter combining philosophy, poetry and photography.