Institut Jean Nicod

New publications

Grosz, P. & Kaiser, E. & Pierini, F., 2023, Discourse anaphoricity vs. perspective sensitivity in emoji semantics, Glossa : a journal of general linguistics

Anatolii Kozlov 2023, Scientific Experiments beyond Surprise and Beauty, European Journal for Philosophy of Science 13, no. 3

Cooper E. A., Casati R., Farid H., Cavanagh P., 2023, The Art of the Float Journal of Vision 23, no. 8

Anatolii Kozlov 2023, Emotions in Scientific Practice, Interdisciplinary Science Reviews 48, no. 2

Crespo I., Heise A., and Picazo C., 2023, Metaphor and Contextual Coherence : It’s a Match ! Inquiry 

David Nicolas, 2021, Mixtures and Mass Terms. Dialectica

Sacha Bourgeois-Gironde 2023, Wie uns das Recht der Natur näher bringt, Matthes & Seitz Berlin

Constant Bonard, 2023, Natural Meaning, Probabilistic Meaning, and the Interpretation of Emotional Signs, Synthese 201

Pablo Fernandez-Velasco, Jade Nijman, and Roberto Casati, 2023, The Cognitive Advantages of the Notebook, Cognitive Semiotics 

Frédérique de Vignemont, 2023, Désenchanter Le Corps, Aux Origines de La Conscience de Soi, Odile Jacob

Dawei Bai and Brent Strickland, 2023, The Pulfrich Solidity Illusion : A Surprising Demonstration of the Visual System’s Tolerance of Solidity Violations, Psychonomic Bulletin & Review

Eva Wanek et al., 2023, Deliberately Vague or Vaguely Deliberative : A Review of Motivation and Design Choices in Deliberative Monetary Valuation Studies, Ecological Economics

Amelia Godber, Gloria Origgi, 2023, Telling Propaganda from Legitimate Political Persuasion, Episteme, 1-20

Perroy, B., Gurchani, U., & Casati, R. 2023. EXPRESS : Disorientation and time distortions during the metro commute : an analysis of 456 responses to a questionnaire distributed in real-time on Twitter during traffic disruptions in the Paris area. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.


PRIX JEAN NICOD ǀ The Institute is honoured to present 2023 Jean Nicod Prize 3 to Nancy Kanwisher and to welcome her for a series of lectures at the DEC on 7, 8, 12 and 14 December 2023 !

VISITING PROFESSOR ǀ The Evolution & Social Cognition team welcomes Professor Patrick Barclay (University of Guelph) until 1 September 2024 !

PRIX JEAN NICOD ǀ "What makes us social ?" is published by MITpress ! This book by Chris and Uta Frith, inspired by their 2014 Jean Nicod Lectures, takes us deep into the social brain, examining the processes we share with other social animals and illuminating those that are specifically human.

UN LIVRE UN CAFE ǀ Philippe Schlenker talks to us about his book "What It All Means : Semantics for (Almost) Everything" published by MIT press.

HISTOIRES DE THÈSE ǀ Does music have a meaning ? Léo Migotti talks about his research work on the DEC’s Youtube channel.

MEDIA ǀ If I ask you to imagine a beach and you can’t form a mental image of it, you may be aphantaisic, like Blake Ross, the creator of Mozilla firefox ! For New Work in Philosophy, Margherita Arcangeli explains her philosophical research on this rare phenomenon

YOUNG PHD GRADUATE ǀ Congratulations to Léo Migotti on defending his thesis !

UN LIVRE UN CAFE ǀ Frédérique de Vignemont talks to us about her book "Désenchanter le corps", published by Odile Jacob.